Stuck 'Remixes That Make You Feel Good'

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"Remixes That Make You Feel Good" + "Content That Makes You Feel Good"

***** Two Releases Together on ONE CASSETTE!! *****

1. City of Police - The Mall Remix
2. Serf The Web - Mandy, Indiana Remix
3. Playpen of Dissent - Draag Me Remix
4. Labor Leisure
5. City of Police
6. Serf The Web
7. White Lie
8. Playpen of Dissent

All songs written by Stuck.
Recorded by Greg Obis at Jamdek Recording Studio.
Mixed by Greg Obis.
Mastered by Amar Lal at Macro Sound.

David Algrim: Bass
Tim Green: Drums
Greg Obis: Guitar, Vocals
Donny Walsh: Guitar
Gang vocals on City of Police: Alex Doyle, Pamela Buschbacher, Britlynn Hansen-Girod, Tim Green

"City of Police" remixed by The Mall
"Serf The Web" remixed by Mandy, Indiana
"Playpen of Dissent" remixed by draag me