Posted on August 7th, 2019

[as seen on FLOOD Magazine]

Infused with a little more than a passing interest in pivoting to metal, the Boston trio have been honing their craft over the course of a decade, with last year’s Universal Care perfecting the balance between the specific vein of post-hardcore modeled by their Exploding in Sound labelmates and all-out apocalyptic noise rock.

Let the Shit House Burn Down is the name of the band’s forthcoming EP, which appears to take this dualistic approach even further. First single “Heads Been Ringing” is among the most bipolar cuts the band’s released to date, pivoting from doomy guitars and an uncharacteristically clean vocal performance from Carl Shane to doomsday instrumental swells battling Shane’s familiar yawp.

“‘Heads Been Ringing’ is a love song to tinnitus and all the repercussions of my own choices,” Shane admits, clarifying the oscillating nature of much of the band’s catalog. “It sounds super cliché, but being a musician is both a blessing and a curse. Music has gifted me with a sense of purpose, but it’s not always pretty. There’s a lot of aches and pains involved. Heartbreak, loneliness, back pains, headaches, poverty… it’s all there. I don’t want to sound ungrateful—in a lot of ways I’m quite lucky. It would be nice to not be so dirt poor, but that’s on me.”

Let the Shit House Burn Down is out September 27 on Exploding in Sound. You can pre-order it here.


Posted on July 24th, 2019

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The fearsome New York band Bethlehem Steel are releasing a new self-titled album this fall. It’s the follow-up to 2017’s excellent debut, Party Naked Forever, and a new member has been added to the band this time around in the form of Christina Puerto, who wrote and sings on a handful of songs on the album. At the project’s center is still Becca Rsykalczyk, though, whose smoky voice grounds Bethlehem Steel’s lead single “Bad Girl”: “Woke up early to hate myself/ Am I a bad girl?” she wonders on it, her swirl of anxieties giving way to a terse, knotted breakdown.

“‘Bad Girl’ is about all the nights that my brain keeps me awake. Irrationally telling me I’m a terrible person. Going over and over and over all of the things I might have done to upset or inconvenience another human,” Ryskalczyk said in a statement. “Singing the line ‘am I a bad girl?’ to my bandmates or even just out loud to myself was definitely embarrassing. I wasn’t sure if I should even keep it as a lyric until I decided to just lean into it. I send my mom everything I’m working on and when I sent her the demos with place holder titles she was like ‘Bad Girl? Now THATS how you name a song!’ so naturally it had to stay.”

The song’s music video, which was directed by Ryskalczyk, takes place at a raucous New York City backyard party. Watch and listen below.


Posted on July 23rd, 2019

[as seen on Brooklyn Vegan]

Maneka (aka former Speedy Ortiz/Grass Is Green guitarist Devin McKnight) is releasing his new album Devin on Exploding In Sound this Friday and he has shared one last single from it, “Positive.” If you like your indie rock on the more experimental side, you might wanna give this one a spin.


Posted on July 2nd, 2019

[as seen on Brooklyn Vegan]

As mentioned, former Speedy Ortiz/Grass Is Green guitarist Devin McKnight is releasing his debut album as Maneka, Devin, on July 26 via Exploding In Sound (pre-order), and one of the songs features guest vocals from Speedy Ortiz singer Sadie Dupuis. We’re premiering that one, which is called “My Queen,” in this post. Previous single “Never Nowhere” was the kind of mathy indie rock that both Speedy and Grass Is Green were known for making, but “My Queen” is a ripping dose of mutant hardcore, and it’s cool to hear Devin (and Sadie) make music like this. The song is also inspired by aliens, ancient Egypt, and dedicated to Tom Delonge. Devin tells us:

"I was really into that show Ancient Aliens on the History Channel for awhile. It actually sucks but it’s really good to have on in the background while I write and practice music. Anyway, this one story they had was from Ancient Egypt. It was about King Tut and Queen Nefertiti. They ruled the Empire together and brought Monotheism to the people. Ancient Alien theorists contend that they were both Aliens sent down to teach the Egyptians all kinds of things and partially to worship a god that was actually just an alien instructing King Tut. The lyrics of the song are about God instructing Tut to consummate with Nefertiti because she’s special and also of alien descent. So he’s like telling him how to treat her right and like a Queen. It’s all about putting the woman on top. Nefertiti translates literally to mean “the beauty has come.” And so goes the tale of the worlds greatest black Power couple before the Obamas. Also this song is dedicated to Tom Delonge. We’re with you man."

Maneka has tour dates coming up, including a Brooklyn show the day the album comes out at Alphaville (7/26) with Bethlehem Steel, Pet Fox, and Oceanator. All dates are listed below.


Posted on June 24th, 2019

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Pile and Stove bassist Alex Molini blasts through 11 heavy and tuneful songs in just 18 minutes on his debut solo LP, I Complain. Cuts like "The Littlest Mole," "Old Leg," and "Lost Time" (at not even three minutes, the album's longest song) bring to mind the propulsive, gut-shaking momentum of Torche, while similarly refusing to compromise on big, prominent melodies. I Complain is due out June 28 on Exploding in Sound, with tour dates to follow.