Bad History Month 'Old Blues'

"Old Blues"

1. Waste Not
2. The Road To Good Intentions
3. Grudges
4. Childlike Sense of Hatred
5. Low Hanging Fruit
6. A Survey of Cosmic Repulsion
7. Want Not

Recorded by Mark Fede, Sean Sprecher and Greg Hartunian

Sean John Silver - Words, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys, trainee-with-a-key, edit shredder, mix muddler
Mark Fede - Studio Sensei, Logic Instructor, Moog on 1 and 7, Drums on 7
Greg Hartunian - Dimpling, Egyptian Flutes and Synths on 1, 5, 6
Colby Nathan - Whale Moogs on 1
Phil Hartunian - Space Clarinet on 1
Dan Angel - Mix consultant/telephonic hand-holder to an amateur Logician

Recorded mostly at Mark's in the Berwick Building, Roxbury MA between December 2017 and June 2019, except 7 and some overdubs tracked at Greg's in Los Angeles, January 2018

Art/design by Meg Coss, layout by Adric Giles,
photos by Mom, Dad, and various grown-ups.

Thank you: Mark, Greg, Dan Goldin, Dan Angel, Adric, Meg, Dimples, Mom, Dad, David, extended family/friends, You, for listening, MassHealth insurance and my landlord and employers for continued solvency and relative sanity as the tide rises...

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Released by Exploding In Sound Records as EIS101