Maneka 'Devin'

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Maneka - "Devin"

1. Oopdie Oop
2. A Brand New Day
3. Never Nowhere
4. My Queen
5. Glazed
6. The Devil's Warning (Interlude)
7. Mixer
8. Holy Hell
9. Oopdie Oop (Jazz)
10. Positive
11. Time In The Barrel
12. Style (Outro)

All songs written and Produced by Devin McKnight
Mixed and Mastered by Michael John Thomas III
Recorded at Black Lodge in Brooklyn, NY

All instruments and vocals performed by Devin McKnight
Drums on "Holy Hell," "A Brand New Day," and "Positive" by Jordyn Blakely
Drums on "Oopdie Oop (Jazz)" by Michael John Thomas III
Drums on remaining songs by Fuzzy Dunlop Jr.
Sax on "Mixer," "Oopdie Oop (Jazz)," and "Time in a Barrel" by Brent Birkhead
Vocals provided by Sadie Dupuis on "My Queen"
Vocals added by Jordyn Blakey on "A Brand New Day" and "Positive"
Beat on "The Devils' Warning" co-produced and mixed by Alex Molini

Graphic Design by Mike Quigley
Except insert by Devin and cover photo by Devin's Mom