Pile 'Green and Gray'

Pile - "Green and Gray"

Gatefold 2xLP with a full-size poster insert.

1. Firewood
2. Your Performance
3. On A Bigger Screen
4. Other Moons
5. Hair
6. A Labyrinth with No Center
7. The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller
8. Lord of Calendars
9. Bruxist Grin
10. A Bug on Its Back
11. My Employer
12. Hiding Places
13. No Hands

Chappy Hull - guitar and background vocals
Kris Kuss - drums
Rick Maguire - guitar and vocals
Alex Molini - bass

Elisabeth Fuchsia played viola and violin
Jane Scarpantoni played cello
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Kevin S. McMahon in New Paltz NY at Marcata Recording in December of 2018 and January of 2019.
Produced by Pile and Kevin S. McMahon
Art by Lindsey Boss