Shady Bug 'Lemon Lime'

Shady Bug - "Lemon Lime"

1. Make It Up
2. Lucky
3. Whining
4. Canada Dry
5. Spooky
6. Blow
7. Lost My Head
8. Flood Song
9. Flake

All lyrics written by Hannah Rainey.
All songs written and arranged by Hannah Rainey, Tom Krenning, Aaron O’Neill, and Todd Anderson.
Recorded and mixed by Seth Engel at Pallet Sound in Chicago.
Mastered by Greg Obis.
Album art by Jessica Bremehr.
‘Love Bug’ photo on vinyl insert by Chase Barnes.
Flute and saxophone performed by Curt Oren on ‘Flake.’
Thank you to all our friends and family in St. Louis <3