Washer 'All Aboard'

"All Aboard"

1. Forget Everything
2. Elbow
3. Lyin’
4. Tooth & Fist
5. Dog Go Bark
6. Feel It Coming On
7. The Scab
8. Afraid To Care
9. Your Guess Is As Bad As Mine
10. The Crow
11. Bass 2
12. Wet Nails
13. Everybody Sounds Fake
14. Shortcut To A Sore Throat
15. Enough Already

All songs by Washer
Washer is Kieran McShane & Mike Quigley

Recorded and mixed by Nick Dooley at Gravesend
Recordings in the Silent Barn (Brooklyn, NY)
and The Barn in Panton, VT
Mastered by Sarah Register

Painting by Kieran
Art & Design by Quigley