Tall Friend 'Safely Nobody's'

"This album is a documentation of me packing up and unboxing many, many years of hurt. For a very long time i genuinely believed that i was alone in my circumstances. while i now know this to be untrue, i also know that there are people out there still feeling desolate and unsure of what tomorrow will bring. I hope that these songs will provide a little bit of solace for those somebodies living in glass houses." - Tall Friend

"Safely Nobody's"

1. Mother
2. Natural Things
3. 72
4. Radio
5. KB
6. Apoptosis
7. Oats
8. Skate Ramp
9. Small Space

charlie pfaff-vox, guitars, bass
cale cuellar-bass, guitars, baritone guitar
jesse paller-drums, guitar on ‘small space’ and 'kb', vox on ‘72’

emily sprague-vox, guitar, shaker on 'kb', vox on '72'
jamie finucane-vox on ‘72’

lyrics by charlie pfaff

instrumentals recorded by jesse paller at gravesend recordings
vocals and ‘skate ramp’ recorded by emily sprague at her house
‘kb’ recorded by emily sprague at her house and jesse paller at kokomo

mixed by jesse paller
‘skate ramp’ mixed by emily sprague
‘kb’ mixed by emily sprague and jesse paller