Baked 'Farnham'

Brooklyn’s Baked return two and a half years after their full length debut with a new line-up and a new record, Farnham, that is more than worth the wait. The indie rock collective of DIY mainstays is led by RJ Gordon (also of Titus Andronicus), joined by Isabella Mingione, Jeremy Aquilino, and newcomers Steve Hartlett (also of Ovlov and Stove), and AJ Pantaleo (also of Bueno). It’s a band ready for the haziest of moments, veterans of fried rock bliss and blustery gloom. Farnham takes the shoegaze charged rock and roll of Debt (the band’s debut album) and ups the ante in just about every way. Heavier, more dynamic, sultrier, and riskier, Baked are leaving no stone unturned as they roar through dusty outlaw country, crushing stoner pop, smooth R&B influenced ballads, and a lethal dose of shredding splattered throughout.

Jeremy Aquilino - bass, vocals
R.J. Gordon - vocals, Jazzmaster
Steve Hartlett - Jazzmaster
Isabella Mingione - vocals, Casio, Hammond
A.J. Pantaleo - drums

Adam Reich - Jazzmaster, lapsteel, percussion, vocals
Luke Chiaruttini - lyrics & vocals on Track 9
Elio DeLuca - piano, Wurlitzer, vibraphone, organ, percussion, vocals

Recorded, produced and mixed by Adam Reich at Second Base/Club Soda - Sunset Park, BK
Additional engineering by Elio DeLuca at The Soul Shop - Medford, MA and by R.J. Gordon at Second Base/Club Soda - Sunset Park, BK

Mastered by Amar Lal at Crew Cuts - New York, NY

Cover by Ken Farnham
Album layout by Steve Meidenbauer
Insert photos by A.J. Pantaleo and Jeremy Aquilino