Jackal Onasis 'Big Deal Party'

1. The Handsome Giraffe
2. You Should Listen To Your Nurse (No Sleep)
3. Big Deal Party
4. Runty Little Puppy
5. Mookie Told Me Everything
6. The New Ron
7. I Went To College (Procrastination)

released June 24, 2016

jordyn blakely - drums/vocals
alex molini - guitar/bass/keys/vocals

mixed and mastered by steve bone

drums tracks 02 and 07 recorded by vishal nayak
drums tracks 03, 04 and 06 recorded by alex prieto
drums track 05 recorded by alex cvetovich and kelley prestridge
guitars on track 03 and 06; bass on track 06 recorded by steve bone
vocals on track 04 recorded by jay marcovitz
everything else recorded by alex molini