Maxshh 'Bonus Flowers'

"Bonus Flowers"

01. The Stone and I and Everybody
02. Thanks For The Crabapples
03. Is This... Refreshing?
04. Nature I Guess
05. Romeo & Garbage
06. Old John
07. White Flowers
08. Maple Leaf Etc
09. Adirondack Jiyuka
10. Achilles Second Stand
11. Young Man Hadley
12. Tuck Em In
13. Beep Beep

Written by Max Goldstein mostly summer 2018,
when Tundrastomper moved from Easthampton to Hadley.
Recorded April & August 2020, while isolating at home.
Everything performed by Max except where noted
Mixed and mastered by Anni Casella / Shape Recording

Max lovingly borrowed lyrics from these wonderful poems,
the first four of which are in Natalie Goldberg's book:
Writing Down The Bones:
"The Stone and I" - Beverly Opse
"Everybody" - Shirley Nelson
"Maple Leaf" - Betty Freeman
"Give Me A White" - Marion Pinski
"White Flowers" - Mary Oliver

"Maple Leaf Etc" also contains some amazing lines
from Russell Edson's book With Sincerest Regrets
and a line by William Blake

"Crabapples" lyrics from the Adventure Time
episode of the same name

"Beep Beep" features a haiku
by Debbi Antebi

Cover art by Sarah King (@flannel_and_teacups)
Inside art by Lydia Berry (
Title from Chris Weisman's Impose interview, 2015
Andrew Jones played upright bass on tracks 2 & 4
Adam Bosse played electric guitar on track 7
Drew Vandewinckel played saxophone on track 7
Skyler Lloyd stomped on track 10
Crimson Blue chattered on track 10, whistled on track 11
Track 11 contains a sample of Max's absolute favorite song ever:
"Welcome To The Jungle Baby, You're Gonna Live" by Hella
Friends & family left voicemails on track 13
Special thanks to Sara Kochanski for lending the books
that became lyrical fodder

Released by Exploding In Sound Records in 2021