Dig Nitty 'Reverse of Mastery'

"Reverse of Mastery"

1. Small Curd
2. Lomita
3. Starling
4. Restraint
5. Oleander
6. NYC
7. Palm Springs
8. Screen
9. Angel Calling
10. Blue Bard
11. So Longer

Dig Nitty is Reggie Bender, Erin McGrath, and Bernardo Ochoa

Recorded and engineered by Alex Molini and Erin McGrath
Mixed by Adam Brisbin and Alex Molini
Mastered by Andrea Schiavelli

Contributions from:
Nick Llobet (guitar/vocals)
Sabrina Rush (violin)
Davis Boardman (violin)
Adam Brisbin (guitar)
Chappy Hull (guitar)

Cover art painting Lamby with Lamby's friend by GLA4
Design by Mac Pogue