Dan Francia 'Come Back To Life'

Dan Francia - "Come Back To Life"

1. Planet in Transit
2. Stereotype
3. Come Back To Life
4. Pass it On
5. I'm not Insane
6. Ghost Stories
7. I'm Ready For Death
8. No Matter What
9. Walking in Heaven
10. Can't Forget
11. Sometimes You Don't Know You're Blessed


1. Planet in Transit - 4:03
Dan - a little guitar - bass at Shea Stadium
Ed Kuiken - drums at Ed Kuiken's
Glenn Mercer - EBow guitar, keyboard
Toni Baumgartner - flute at Ed Kuiken's
Devin McKnight - guitar
Steve Mahedy - a little guitar

2. Stereotype - 2:48
Dan - EBow guitar, keyboard - bass at Shea Stadium
Eric Harm - drums at Shea Stadium
Nora Dabdoub - vocals
Karla Nath - vocals
Madeleine Rojas - vocals, tambourine
Emma Witmer - keyboard
Steve Hartlett - guitar
Mikey Gagliardi - guitar
Steve Mahedy - guitar
Brian Orante - vibraslap
Isabella Mingione - keyboard

3. Come Back To Life - 2:55
Dan - vocals, keyboard, mbar, triangle, recorder
Casey Weissbuch - drums
Hayley Livingston - acoustic guitar
Emma Witmer - vocals, stylophone, kaossilator
Mike Kolb - vocals
Ethan Bassford - bass
Ariel Bitran - khan
Toni Baumgartner - flute, sax, alto recorder at Ed Kuiken's John Baumgartner - accordion
Amar Lal - harmonium
Davey Jones - electric guitar
Erin McGrath - talking drum
Dan Goldin - MIDI organ

4. Pass it On - 2:15
Dan - bells, piano, MIDI timpani, guitar
Mike Abrams - bass
Ed Kuiken - drums
Felix Walworth - theremin
Davey Jones - whisper
Amar Lal - harmonium
Jane Wiseheart - vocals
Toni Baumgartner - sax at Ruff Tracks, NJ - flute at Ed Kuiken's

5. I'm not Insane - 0:18
Dan - guitar, crash cymbal at Shea Stadium

6. Ghost Stories - 4:20
Dan - bass, bottles, recorder, MIDI voice / tubular bells, talking drum
Jordyn Blakely - vocals, drums
Ani Ivry-Block - melodica
Shimmer - vocals
Toni Baumgartner - sax at Ruff Tracks, NJ
Paco Cathcart - acoustic guitar
Adam Reich - guitar
Steve Mahedy - guitar
Mike Quigley - bottles, guitar
Emma Witmer - bottles, sleigh bells
Brian Orante - egg
Ariel Bitran - khan
Tails Francia - meows

7. I'm Ready For Death - 0:20
Dan - keyboard

8. No Matter What - 1:48
Dan - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard Eric Harm - drums at Shea Stadium
Emma Witmer - vocals
Greta Kline - bass
Paco Cathcart - acoustic lighter-slide guitar Ed Kuiken - sleigh bells at Ed Kuiken's

9. Walking in Heaven - 1:49
Dan - bass, a little guitar, tambourine
Luke Chiaruttini - vocals
Rachel Brown - vocals
Shimmer - vocals
Eric Harm - drums at Shea Stadium
Ed Kuiken - drums at Shea Stadium
Steve Hartlett - acoustic guitar Emma Witmer - omnichord
Felix Walworth - harp

10. Can't Forget - 3:37
Dan - bass - guitar at Shea Stadium
Shimmer - vocals
Ed Kuiken - drums at Ed Kuiken's
RL Srinivasan - bass
Catalina Guzman - ocean drum
Isabella Mingione - keyboard
Devin McKnight - guitar

11. Sometimes You Don't Know You're Blessed - 1:23
Dan - acoustic guitar - electric guitar at Shea Stadium
Ed Kuiken - drums at Ed Kuiken's
Paco Cathcart - acoustic guitar
Ariel Bitran - khan

Travis Harrison - Mixer
Sarah Register - Mastering Engineer

Recorded in Dan's bedroom in Brooklyn, NY, unless otherwise noted
Glenn Mercer - Engineered his parts for Track 1 at Boat Studio, North Haledon, NJ
Nora Dabdoub - Engineered the vocals and tambourine for Track 2 at Second Base, BK
Adam Reich - Engineered basic tracks for Tracks 3, 6, and Luke Chiaruttini's vocal on Track 9 at Second Base, BK
John Baumgartner - Engineered his accordion for Track 3 at Ruff Tracks, North Haledon, NJ
Felix Walworth - Engineered their tracks for Tracks 4, 9 in their bedroom, BK
Nate Amos - Engineered Rachel Brown's vocal for Track 9 at Nate and Rachel's, BK
Emma Witmer - Engineered her omnichord in her bedroom, BK
Dave Stoecker - Engineered re-amp of Track 7
Trev Campbell - Additional Engineering on Track 9

Katie Holliday - Artwork and Layout
Julia Leiby - Photo

Songs written by Dan Francia. Pass it On is an improvisation started by Mike Abrams with Dan and Ed Kuiken, recorded at Ed's on his iPhone 6 then overdubbed on. Ed Kuiken co-wrote Planet in Transit. Jordyn Blakely co-wrote Ghost Stories. Luke Chiaruttini co-wrote Walking in Heaven. Shimmer co-wrote Can't Forget.

To the people who played on the album, I love you. I couldn't have done it without you.

Thank you to everyone who let me borrow gear; Dave Stoecker, Amar Lal, Alex Molini, Shea Stadium, Dale Pro Audio, Luke Chiaruttini, Jane Wiseheart, Davey Jones, Emma Witmer, Ed Seifert, Steve Mahedy, Isabella Mingione, John Baumgartner, Toni Baumgartner, Amanda Daviner

Thank you to everyone who let me borrow money; Ed Kuiken, Steve Mahedy, Mike Abrams, Joe Abrams, Nicole Rifkin, Emma Witmer