Yazan 'Hahaha'


1. Hahaha
2. Cockroach
3. The Star
4. Foregiveness Begins
5. When I'm Gone
6. Penetrate My Mind
7. Tiger
8. Do You Wanna Go?
9. Ghost Blues

Yazan: electric, acoustic, and slide guitars; bass; percussion; vocals
Kris Kuss: drums; bass on “Hahaha”, “Tiger”
Alex Molini: keys and percussion on “Ghost Blues”
Tracks 1-8 recorded and mixed by Mark Fede in Allston, MA.
Track 9 recorded and mixed by Alex Molini in Greenpoint, NY.
Additional vocals recorded by Mike Kutchman at Look to Listen, Greenpoint, NY
Mastered by Matt Tuttle at IAS Studios, Winston-Salem, NC
Produced by Yazan with Mark Fede
All words written by Yazan, music written by Yazan with rhythmic guidance from Kris Kuss
Illustrations by Cass Jones. Photo by Eamon DeFabbia-Kane. Layout by Dima Drjuchin and Dnl Hrs.
Yazan logo design by Menk Andemicael
Thanks to everyone who helps anyone else.