Bad History Month 'Dead And Loving It: An Introductory Exploration of Pessimysticism'

"Dead And Loving It: An Introductory Exploration of Pessimysticism"


1. The Church of Nothing Matters
2. Gazing at my Navel
3. A Small Life
4. The Nonexistent Distance
5. The Imaginary Tone
6. Being Nothing
7. A Warm Recollection
8. A Platitude and A Final Understanding

All songs by Bad History Month
Artwork by Adric Giles (


Sean Bean - Wrote the songs, played whatever’s not noted otherwise, pissed and moaned mercilessly, ended up doing some editing and arranging and having a lot of fun eventually.

Mark Fede - Recorded the majority of the album, played drums on “Gazing” and the Party Time and Dirge sections of “Small Life” and some percussion on the “Platitude” outro. Fount of indestructible patience, teacher of Logic, ground floor energy investor, recipient of my gratitude til DETH do us part.

Adric Giles - Drew and painted and helped design all the incredible album art and the poster. Played drums on “Being Nothing”. Lent us the Kool Keith Moog for “Nonexistent” and the drum pad for “Small Life”. Recommended several books. Provider of never ending encouragement, mental support
and positive inspiration.

Colby Nathan and Greg Hartunian - Recorded the bones of “Church” and the intros and some overdubs in “Gazing”, were tremendously helpful calm balms for preexisting complexes. Colby played melodica between the first couple intros. Dimples “Whimpers” = Gold Record.

Dan Angel - Recorded the scrapped first attempt to make this album, absorbed an unreasonable amount of alternating overt/catatonic negativity, played the tape delay effects on “Gazing” and “Small Life” and the queasy pitch knob organ on “Being Nothing”. Later recorded most of the surprisingly amazing pianos on everything. Lives up to his name.

Bone - Ghost guitar on the Dirge, real guitar on the end of “Small Life”, layout and art design, helped inspire the whole concept.

Nick Wiedeman - Slide guitar on “Platitude” outro, good vibes forever.

Jesse Heasly - Bass on “Warm Recall” and “Being Nothing”. Hired gun slings perfection, ties room together.

Richard Maguire - Ghost guitar on the outro of “Platitude”, ghost audience in room on “Final Understanding”. Shpongle lovin’ good ol’ buddy.

David Silverstein and Megdog Coss - Editorial assistance on these ramblings. All quotation-mark-related punctuation errors are an intentional protest on my part. The correct way looks dumb. Don’t kill the proof-readers.

Mastered by: Scott Craggs, Old Colony Mastering.