Gnarwhal 'Shinerboy'

1. It's Cute and They Match
2. Anal Riffage
3. That's Not of Course
4. My Waterfall Delight
5. Have Fun Tomorrow From Ozzy/Stella
6. Babes R Babes
7. My Waterfall Delight (Reprise)

"Shinerboy," Gnarwhal's sophomore album, and first full length as a duo, expands on the band's primal carnage, furiously blending the technicality of progressive rock with noise, post-hardcore, and an undeniable math punk brilliance that simultaneously explodes in every direction. Gnarwhal occupy a unique sonic space of experimental punk, operating somewhere between the ballistic force and twisted scuzz of Lightning Bolt, Tera Melos, Hella or The Locust (with a sense of patience). There is a lot to take in on "Shinerboy" as the album unfolds piece by piece, revealing something new with every listen.