Posted on May 21st, 2018

[as seen on Stereogum]

After the beloved Connecticut-bred band Ovlov released their debut album, am, back in 2013, they went through a series of temporary break-ups and offshoots, including Steve Hartlett’s Stove project. But in the last couple years, the band has reemerged, playing a handful of shows and re-releasing their first 3 EPs in one collection, the cheekily-titled Greatest Hits Vol. II. They also spent that time away writing new songs and recording them, too, and later this year Ovlov will release their long-anticipated sophomore album.

Their new album is called Tru, and it’s out at the end of July. They’re back in all their glory on “Spright,” its lead single. The song’s all frayed nerve endings and satisfying blasts of fuzz. It’s about the passage of time and learning to do right by yourself and others, all while reckoning with your past. “Feel another way when I run for better days/ Treat my old kind decent when they fall into a bitter way/ Will you listen when they say?,” Hartlett sings, his voice pinched and focused.

Listen below.

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