Posted on July 26th, 2023

[as seen on Stereogum]

A couple weeks ago, the Northampton, Massachusetts musician Iggy Hagerup released “But I Want More,” the stunning lead single from her upcoming debut album as Prewn, Through The Window. Today, she’s back with another new song, “Perfect World.”

“I wrote this song on a day when two relationships in my life came to a stop. A day when I found a lot of irony in all the conspiracies some believe and hold on to as if they’re all they’ve got,” Hagerup said in a statement, continuing:

“Perfect World” is written from the perspective of a billionaire so bloated with wealth he drinks baby’s blood to stay fit and terrorizes the world for his own benefit. He seems to enjoy believing everything and everyone is at his disposal.. But take away his wealth, look into those ravenous eyes, and you realize all he’s really seeking is a love that can’t quite be reached.

Listen below.

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