Posted on August 8th, 2023

[as seen on Stereogum]

At the end of the month, Izzy Hagerup is releasing her debut album as Prewn, Through The Window. She’s shared “But I Want More” and “Perfect World” from it already, and today she has one last single for us, “Woman,” which starts off roiling and upsetting and only gets more smeary and fractured as Hagerup layers on the dissonance and syrupy atmosphere. “I wrote ‘Woman’ directly after a family call with my grandmother in her last days of life, dazed on morphine, dying from covid,” Hagerup said of the track in a statement, continuing:

"We went around to share memories and I was shaken because I couldn’t think of any. I’d known that woman my whole life, and I had no real idea who she was. This song is about coming to terms with such a loss, doing my best to say my last words, the first and last chance I had to reach for her, to relate to her, to celebrate her. It’s also my ode to not take the people in my life and my own self for granted in this fleeting existence."

Listen below.

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