Posted on August 3rd, 2023

Late last year NYC-based fuzz-rock tag team, Jobber, released their debut EP, Hell In A Cell, which garnered acclaim from the likes of Stereogum, The FADER, Bandcamp Daily, FLOOD Magazine, BrooklynVegan, and many more. Now they're jumping back in the ring with a new single "Summerslam," out today from Exploding In Sound Records.

Packing massive guitars, sugary melodies, and a larger than life personality, Jobber combine alternative music and professional wrestling to make songs that are sure to please fans of the squared circle and rockers alike. "Summerslam" arrives just days before its wrestling event namesake and taps into the band's heavier side without sacrificing their knack for big hooky choruses.

Vocalist/guitarist Kate Meizner discussed the new single, saying:

"Summerslam is the first Jobber song that really resembles the heavy rock I used to hear growing up when WWF was at its peak. I wrote the Helmet-inspired bass line and main riff a while ago, not sure if it would see the light of day; it didn’t seem to fit with the other Jobber songs at the time. After I showed it to Mike, he made a demo with a couple more parts completed that brought the song to life. We ended up co-writing the rest, focusing on making it catchy but also heavy with some over-the-top excess, like something from a WWF-era Summerslam commercial or in the background of WCW Beach Brawl ‘99. Thematically the song is about people who enter positions of political power and become jaded, going through motions only to lose touch with how their actions impact real human lives."

Led by Meizner (current member of The Glow and Hellrazor, as well as former touring member of Maneka, Potty Mouth and Snail Mail) and drummer Mike Falcone (current member of Hellrazor and former member of Speedy Ortiz and Ovlov), Jobber explore the parallels between professional wrestling, life as a musician, and gig worker frustrations. The band's songs are delivered from the top rope with equal parts ferocity, melody, humor, and brains. It's an impressive amalgam that--like many of the best wrestlers--transcends the gimmick to tap into something true and potent. Start rooting for them now, because Jobber are coming for the championship belt.

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