Posted on April 19th, 2018

[as seen on New Noise Magazine]

New Noise Magazine is extremely stoked to be bringing forth the premiere of Hahaha from Yazan. The New Yorker of Palestinian lineage is releasing this via Exploding In Sounds records on April 20th, but the entire record can be heard below.

The blending of Hahaha is what brings Yazan to life. The nine tracks take snapshots of the life surrounding, putting forth the human essence into the atmosphere, backing the record with a relatable experience for all. The reflective guitar tone that immediately begins “Hahaha” opens the door for the vocal lines to expand and lead the way. “The Star” focuses on a more thick soundscape, with strummed notes ringing out within layers of feedback, slowing the pace down with a bombastic, soaring chorus. Each track finds the prowess of Yazan ripping through different lines of guitar work with ease, creatively tying ends together within the amount of intricacy. This is a really urgent record that shines a wonderful light on attention to detail and creating a narrative. Take a listen below.

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