Posted on November 27th, 2017

[as seen on The Grey Estates]

The year might be winding down, but the heroes over at Exploding in Sound are already gearing up for next year, announcing that Water From Your Eyes, comprised of Rachel Brown (Thanks For Coming) and Nate Amos (Opposites) will release their new album All A Dance on the EIS tape series on 1/19. "We're Set Up" is the album's first single, a pulsing, grooving track packed with mystery and intrigue, its allure and sheen owed much in part to Brown's hypnotizing vocals. During its six minute runtime, the track keeps one continually guessing, incorporating new elements and sounds to its shimmying effects and percussion. "Shut me in/shut me out/you don't care," Brown huskily proclaims before robotically speaking the verse, "by your side/but everyone has their secrets/in this house/what is the truth." "We're Set Up" is the track that would pull you onto the dance floor or at least turn wherever you're listening into the neon-hued dance floor of your dreams. It's one of those moments where you can close your eyes and let your wildest fantasies take over, the single carrying you away from the darkness of the everyday to somewhere far, far away, a place secretive and secluded, hidden from the never-ending vacuum of bad news and social media timelines. It's magic. The band says of the single that,

'We’re Set Up' served as the creative genesis of the new album. It’s a fun sort of espionage song (mystery! intrigue! perceived familiarity in unfamiliarity!). It also happens to be the first song made with both of us living in Brooklyn."

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