Posted on December 18th, 2017

[as seen on Uproxx]

Although Brooklyn duo Water From Your Eyes have only existed for just over a year, they have already released two full-lengths and two EPs that showcase their keen ability for crafting poppy dance punk tracks that exemplify a wide range of influences that spans from New Order and Talking Heads to Deerhoof and Stereolab. Coming from their own respective projects, Nate Amos (Grandpa Bay Recordings, Opposites, This Is Lorelei) and Rachel Brown (Thanks For Coming) bring two unique but like-minded perspectives to their musical hybrid, making Water From Your Eyes a pleasing listen for both a stationary experience through headphones, as well as through loud speakers on a dance floor.

The duo will not be slowing down in the near year, with their third full-length All A Dance set for release in January. Today, we are happy to be exclusively premiering the title track, a seven-minute epic that incorporates all of the aforementioned influences for a truly engaging blend of dance music, pop, and post-punk. Despite the track’s lengthy run-time, it never loses its focus, adding more and more layers to build until they begin to fade away at the track’s climax. If nothing else, “All A Dance” certainly cements Water From Your Eyes a group to watch in the coming months. Check out the fantastic track below.

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