Posted on October 5th, 2017

[as seen on Stereogum]

Last month, the great rock trio Bethlehem Steel announced their new album, Party Naked Forever, with the propulsive “Alt Shells,” and today we’re sharing another track from the album called “Fig.” It’s a sinewy, acerbic push-and-pull about a relationship impasse where one side won’t grow up and take responsibility for themselves and the other side has become fed up with having to shoulder the burden. “If you still wake up screaming alone, it’s no weight on me/ I’ve tried too hard/ Now I’m trying to let go of you,” Rebecca Ryskalczyk sings. The mournful final notes, where Ryskalczyk repeats “You were my only light,” exhibit both an anger at having a great hope snuffed out and a resilience to keep on fighting. Listen below.

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