Posted on August 11th, 2017

[as seen on GoldFlakePaint]

With just over a month to go until the release of their new album – via the ever-evolving force of Exploding In Sound Records -Mike Quigley and Kieran McShane (better known to most of us as Washer) today unveil another gem of a cut from it in the form of “Dog Go Bark“, a riotous two-and-a-half minutes which frames their loose and rugged sound in to one of their most dependable compositions to-date.

Led by that lead voice which always seems to be crumbling at the seams, the new track rises and falls and rises again, sometimes refined and lethargic and then finally letting loose for the track’s formidable final bout of energy that leaves you wanting more each and every time you hear it. The album itself s being billed as one “filled with fuzz, aggression, off-kilter rhythmic structures and mangled pop hooks,” and Dog Go Bark couldn’t fit that mould any more perfectly; ripping through its lifeline with a gusto that has always been, and wilfully remains, completely enthralling.

The full record arrives on September 15th (pre-orders here), and you can check out the new track below right now.

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