Posted on August 30th, 2017

[as seen on Huffington Post]

When your’re an adolescent you desire to grow up quickly but then the tables turn when you’re an adult, something that always remain intact though is when you find great music. Listening to Washer made me reminisce the bittersweet moments - it gathers all the raw emotions and places all of them into loud as hell songs that make it all worthwhile.

Washer’s sophomore album, All Aboard, conquers this feeling in such a delicious way that it leaves you wanting more. Their new single Bass 2, catches you from the beginning with blaring drums, edgy guitar riffs, and bass lines that send shivers up your spin - it’s no wonder this band is gaining a lot of attention. It’s a record that contains dark themes but brightens with a blending mixture aggressive pop and garage rock.

All Aboard is confirmed to be released on September 15th, via Exploding in Sound Records. You can pre-order a copy of neon bright yellow vinyl at the EIS store.

The album’s artwork is an ode to their minimalistic yet in your face music style – they do a lot with very little. You know a band is giving worth a listen to when this happens with heartfelt lyrics about personal struggles that everyone goes through.

If you’re loving Washer just as much check them out on 09/15 @ Sunnyvale in Brooklyn w/ Patio, Ubetcha, & Maneka (Album Release Show).

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