Posted on August 22nd, 2016

[as seen on the AV Club]

Though it’s still a young label, Exploding In Sound Records has quickly become the go-to chronicler of the Northeast’s independent music scene. Much like Merge or Matador in the early ’90s, Exploding In Sound has found bands in their early goings, becoming the launchpad for the likes of Speedy Ortiz, LVL UP, Pile, Porches, and many, many more. Today, The A.V Club is streaming “ID/DV,” a song from one of the label’s latest discoveries, Fond Han. The band fits in with the rest of the label’s roster; it occasionally recalls the arty experiments of Krill, but it’s just as quick to jump into a section that sounds like something The Locust would have written. “ID/DV” highlights the band’s softer side, dishing out riffs that flutter through the song but suggest that there’s something sinister lurking around the corner.

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