Posted on September 29th, 2016

[as seen on Adhoc]

“I’m old enough to die / I’m young enough to be alive,” sings Soft FangsJohn Lutkevich on “Birthday,” released in March on his debut LP The Light. The track is mellow yet claustrophobic, and even unsettling at times. Its billowing synths and haunting guitar lines envelop the listener like damp insulation in the attic of an abandoned house. Echoing the song’s mood is a pensive video, which Lutkevich cobbled together from old family home videos. Most of the VHS sequences were left untouched, with Lutkevich noting that “specific cuts & edits... somehow went along to the music” already—an eerie “gift” from his long deceased grandfather, who filmed much of the video’s content. Mainly depicting Lutkevich as a young child, the video revels in the innocence and simplicity of bygone days. It closes with a festive panning shot of a carnival, a wistful and poignant reminder of the enviable wonder of a youth that can never be reclaimed.

The Light is out now on Exploding in Sound and Disposable America.

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