Posted on November 10th, 2016

[as seen on The AV Club]

Earlier this year Exploding In Sound Records released Here Comes Washer, the debut album by the Brooklyn duo of Mike Quigley and Kieran McShane. Together the pair make up Washer, and today The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “Mend.” While the song is goofy fun, seeing Quigley and McShane go fishing for all manner of items, the track’s title and lyrics work toward self-reflection. When Quigley sings about attempting to “discard the awful truth” it’s not an attempt to bury his head in the sand as much as it is a way of pushing forward, taking the facts of the world and finding ways to turn those roadblocks into new beginnings.

[a statement from the band]

"The AV Club author paints the song in a positive light but I have to say it is not positive. The lyrics are 100% about being in your own echo chamber and not being honest with yourself about what it is you experience. That kind of separation from reality is why someone like Trump can swindle half of the country, and why us in our liberal bubbles can be shocked and dumbfounded when he’s elected. The lyrics are a way to call myself out and hold myself accountable. To “discard the awful truths” is absolutely to bury your head in the sand, and we can not allow ourselves to do that. In a political or a personal sense, it’s not healthy and it negatively affects everybody. So I just wanted to be open about that. Thanks."

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