Posted on November 28th, 2016

[as seen on CLRVYNT]

It's been a big year for Stove, the side project / full-fledged rock whirlwind founded by Ovlov's Steve Hartlett. The Connecticut musician first fired up Stove last year as a lo-fi solo project formed in his former band's wake, all mumbled koans and murky grunge; following the release of last year's Is Stupider, however, he expanded the band into a quartet, amping up the noise and textural frisson. When they reconvened to write its follow-up, Stove ended up with a glut of new songs: 50 tracks, to be exact. Not wanting any of the new material to go to waste, Hartlett and company co-opted the results of those sessions into their Is a Toad in the Rain EP, a cutting, concise set of moody, shoegaze-inflected rock reminiscent of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. (I don't make those comparisons lightly, by the way — I swear on my cat's ninth life that it's one of the most seamless, triumphant rock releases of the year.)

There's more where that came from — several months later, Stove are back with Is the Meat That Fell Out, another EP culled from the sessions for album number two, which has yet to be announced. Like its predecessor, the seven-track release straddles the line between soft bedroom pop and blistering alt-rock, staying true to Ovlov's DIY values while pushing them to the limit. A number of noteworthy friends contributed to the EP as well, including Speedy Ortiz's Devin McKnight, and Ian Sweet's Tim Cheney and Damien Scalise. Early next month, Exploding in Sound will splice the release to Is A Toad In The Rain to form a limited-edition cassette entitled Greatest Hits.

Today, CLRVYNT is proud to premiere "i'd walk a mile for a camel," the penultimate cut off Is the Meat That Fell Out. Give the turgid track a spin below..

Exploding in Sound will release Is the Meat That Fell Out on December 9, individually and as part of the Greatest Hits combo cassette. Pre-order the EP here.

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