Posted on April 18th, 2023

[as seen on Stereogum]

Next week, Washer are releasing their first new album in six years, Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends. They’ve shared “King Insignificant” and “Not Like You” from it already, and today the duo is back with one more, “Blammo,” which Mike Quigley says “is kind of about shifting your perception of time, and ultimately being grateful for any indication that time passes.”

“It’s easy to get caught in the monotonous day-to-day drudge and feel like nothing has happened, and then look around and realize you’re old,” he continued. “Better to think of time as fading in the distance, with the future coming from behind you with no real way to know what’s coming. Even unpleasant, slimy things sneaking up on you at least let you know you’re still moving through it.”

Listen below.

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