Posted on March 29th, 2022

[as seen on FLOOD]

If you’ve ever driven through the Midwest you may have noticed the brief respite in HELL IS REAL–type highway signage when passing through Indiana, which is instead littered with the bloodshot eyes, lunatic grin, and oddly symbolic tattered-American-flag stovepipe hat (not to mention what looks like a straightjacket) of one Krazy Kaplan—probably the last person I, personally, would want to see while surrounded by explosives. Meanwhile, many of Kaplan’s brave competitors within the state advertise discounts for service members, which, as Mister Goblin band leader Sam Goblin rightly points out while introducing the project’s latest single, is “such a bizarre fucking deal, given that PTSD and hypervigilance are so common among veterans.”

“Military Discount,” the second single from the forthcoming LP Bunny from the Two Inch Astronaut offshoot, explores this idea by inhabiting the deranged capitalist mindset of shilling harmful products under the guises of nationalism and solidarity. “It’s kind of written from the perspective of a shiesty used car salesman type of person who is trying to pawn fireworks off on military people,” Goblin adds of the intense track which opens with a split-second of black metal percussion and guitar dronage before opening up to the vocalist’s best grunge-indebted rasp and one of the hardest-hitting instrumentals in the group’s discography.

Check it out below, and pre-order the record

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