Posted on January 24th, 2022

[as seen on Birthday Cake For Breakfast]

Having found much acclaim for recent single ‘Good Boy‘ (including top honours in our Top 50 of 2021), Leeds noise outfit THANK are living the high life. So much so they’ve managed to resurrect former ghost botherer Derek Acorah for their latest video, showing off all the North East has to offer.

It’s all in aid of latest single ‘Dread‘, championed by a thudding bassline to rival The Fall’s ‘Blindness‘ and a button pushing exercise in the lyrics. Vocalist Freddy Vinehill-Cliffe once upon a time got into a bit of tepid water on Twitter for claiming “There’s never been a good band from London“, as he explains below.

“This song is about living in a cursed/haunted house. People have asked me if I’m deliberately referencing the ‘Ghost Realtor’ episode of Nathan For You, and the answer is maybe! I can’t remember, it might just be a coincidence, but I do love that show. In the video Derek Acorah, Paranormal Estate Agent, gives us a tour of some properties he has available in Newcastle. He also expresses his contempt for some classic London bands.

In December 2020 I tweeted that there has never been a good band from London, and people got really mad, so I’m hoping they get mad again. Love it. Unfortunately I’ve wiped the Thank Twitter account since then so the tweet has been lost to the sands of time. Our pal Liberty made this video, cheers Liberty!“

From their forthcoming debut album ‘Thoughtless Cruelty‘, recorded with Jamie Lockhart and Rob Slater at Greenmount Studios, it’s due to be released February 4th 2022 via Exploding In Sound and Box Records.

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