Posted on October 27th, 2021

[as seen on Treble Zine]

On Friday, Philadelphia’s Nyxy Nyx release a new split album with Bad History Month, Death Takes a Holiday, via Exploding in Sound. The band has already shared one track from the album, the hazy, anthemic psych-grunge track “No Worries.” Today, Nyxy Nyx has another new song to share from the album, titled “Just That Way.” It’s a dreamy and druggy gem of a song, dense and richly textured, but with a sense of weightlessness in its use of open space and shimmering guitar tones. But there’s a melancholy about it as well, written after the untimely passing of a friend.

Nyxy Nyx’s Brian Reichert says in a statement, “Mike and i were in the trenches of alcoholism and hardcore drug addiction for a long time & he just didn’t fuckin make it out. Don’t really know what else to say about this one. A dear dear friend. Brilliant, talented, sweet, hilarious, troubled friend.”

Hear Nyxy Nyx’s “Just That Way” below.

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