Posted on October 3rd, 2019

[as seen on Ears to Feed]

Over three years, Water From Your Eyes have built a cult following around their slick, trance-inducing new wave sound. Nate Amos’ razor sharp guitars lock in with the metronomic, krautrock pulse of programmed drums, creating a cascading rhythmic maze that vocalist Rachel Brown navigates with a soft, dreamy voice. With their songs often stretching just beyond the five minute mark – even further in their live sets, where the extended jams sweep up packed crowds into a hypnotic delirium – the duo are masters at conducting ghostly dance parties that provide the exact kind of tear-jerking catharsis suggested by their name.

An accomplished filmmaker themselves – particularly through their extensive videos for solo project thanks for coming – Rachel Brown hands over the reigns to Abigail Austin for their latest music video. Transformed into spooky, bug-eyed puppets, the band drifts through New York City in the video for “Adeleine,” rocking out and hallucinating fantastic colors in a combination of stop-motion and digitally-drawn animation. Save for a few delightfully detuned guitar licks, the song launches forward with a propulsive calm that does well to mask the lyrical themes of emotional disorientation. “Lyrically the song deals with wondering if you missed your shot at something,” Brown explains, “if you deserve or will get another chance, and the presence/importance of another person in your life and the process of dealing with transitioning relationships – the difficulty of “pull(ing) the lever” and knowing that “nobody else could make me leave me behind.”‘

In both sound and vision, Water From Your Eyes continue their whirlwind rise as one of the most exciting experimental pop acts around, never losing sight of the value of physically cutting loose as they power through the mental doom and gloom. Check out the video for Adeleine below and pre-order their upcoming album, Somebody Else’s Song from Exploding In Sound Records. Mark your calendars and lace up your dancing shoes – October 25th can’t come soon enough.

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