Posted on November 12th, 2018

[as seen on The Alternative]

Rick Rude are new to the Exploding In Sound family despite sounding like they could’ve been in the bloodline for years. Verb For Dreaming, their sophomore record that’s out this Friday, is a wiry romp of dense guitar leads, post-punky basslines, and frenetic drumming. There are moments of consuming fuzz and raggedly barked vocals, recalling their EIS siblings in Baked and Pile, respectively. But Verb For Dreaming has some obvious folk influences on there, too, and since three of the members contribute vocals, the band’s wide sonic range is stretched even further by each of their unique voices.

“Dougnation,” which we’re premiering below, is one of the record’s faster, most stomping cuts. It begins with a thumping drum line quickly takes off into a post-punk pounder once the blaring guitars come cranking in. The track’s set to carry on for another minute at high velocity until it suddenly jolts to a quarter of its pace, each string instrument needling between each other until they all dissolve into shrieking distortion. It’s the second song on the album and it’s a ripper on its own, but its odd structure makes more sense within the context of the record.

Stream it below and make sure to check out Verb For Dreaming later this week:

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