Posted on November 14th, 2018

[as seen on Post-Trash]

In a time of division and paranoia, where the news cycle is an endless barrage of stress and negativity, the search for wholesomeness has never been stronger. There’s always been a shared sentiment for optimism among the general population — a collective desire for hope, warmth and positivity. Feel good movies were made for a reason, right? Enter Verb for Dreaming. Today, Post-Trash is delighted to premiere Rick Rude’s particularly exuberant sophomore LP. The New Hampshire four-piece build their latest around deep interpersonal connections, lyrically pinpointing the emotional weight of shared experience through an individual’s perspective.

By swapping songwriting duties, the voices of Rick Rude assemble and blend in familial fashion, tackling themes of love and loss, confusion and comfort. Verb for Dreaming is a comprehensive approach to life’s abundant complexities, wrapped in its own charisma and sharp influence. From the slow-burning open of “Dollyhook” to the fiery punk jolt of “Jupiter,” the album casts a wide net for stylistic flexibility, showcasing the varied vocal techniques of Ben Troy (guitar), Jordan Holtz (bass) and Noah Lefebvre (guitar). The band channels Guided By Voices’ acute power-pop on the glorious lo-fi closer “Firewater,” while lead single “Slow Cooker” picks right from the tottering melodic tension of bands like Speedy Ortiz and Aye Nako. Verb for Dreaming is a pleasant exercise in camaraderie — a breath of fresh air in a period of oppressive corruption.

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