Posted on August 1st, 2018

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Baked, the slacker rock project led by Titus Andronicus bassist R.J. Gordon, is back with new track “A Hartlett Anthem” off their forthcoming II EP. The EP follows the band’s 2017 release Farnham and will be the second installment of Exploding In Sound’s Tape Club series.

“A Hartlett Anthem” is presumably dedicated to former Baked member and Ovlov frontman Steve Hartlett. The song is a hazy, slow-moving trip of self-doubt and nostalgia, perfect for when you feel like you’re just stumbling through life. Baked does sleepy devastation amidst heavy, grungy guitar riffs with as much passion as they always have.

Via email, Gordon spoke on the track’s inspiration:

“A Hartlett Anthem” is a song about various personal & emotional struggles. From trying to write when writer’s block sets in, to chasing a feeling or an idea from a younger, simpler time. Self-doubt, difficult self-examination, often even feeling lost in the current of this brave new world that exists in fiber optics and brazen opinions. “A Hartlett Anthem” is a note to the author – half cautionary / half “remember when?” – deeply inspired by the fantastic writing and perspective of a very dear friend who always seemed to truly and deeply “get it” when it came to music or just life in general.

Listen to “A Hartlett Anthem” below.

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