Posted on June 11th, 2018

[as seen on The Fader]

After five long years and one or two definitive-sounding breakups, Connecticut noise-rockers Ovlov are back this summer with a new album Tru and the same distorted, sensitive vibes that made them a cult favorite in the first place. "Short Morgan" is Ovlov's new song and The FADER's premiering it today. The tune nods to Dinosaur Jr. with its swampy and unrelenting guitars, beseeching vocals, and a rip-roaring guitar solo. Thankfully, Ovlov still aren't into facsimiles: "Short Morgan" a big, lonely behemoth more concerned with connection than aggression, giving the rock-out catharsis a deeper and more honest dimension.

The tune is a special and personal one for the band, Ovlov's frontman Steve Hartlett told us over email: "'Short Morgan' is about being alone and not knowing how to handle it cause a lot of life can feel pointless without having a friend to share it with. Theo's drumming is really what makes this song be able to rock and be sick and not so country-pop. I think the solo in the middle is my favorite solo I ever did. Also Morgan's leads in the 2nd verse make me feel really good.”

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