Posted on September 10th, 2021

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Few things have taught society more about the essence of time than the global pandemic.

For some, it was an endless dragging of months spent waiting for the outside world to open its doors again. For many artists, it was a time for creation, innovation and introspection.

Maxshh is the creative solo project of Max Goldstein (Tundrastomper, Fred Cracklin, Omeed & The Natural Scene), who has a new album Bonus Flowers, set to release Sept. 24.

As said by Goldstein, this pandemic and “a compromise between a limited instrumental palette and an unkempt imagination” were the impetus behind the project. Armed with nothing but his guitar and computer, Goldstein was prepared for battle. To say he spent his time wisely would be a heavy understatement: Bonus Flowers will be his third album release in the past year.

The latest single released from the album, “Thanks for the Crabapples” is based on the well-known television show, Adventure Time. Goldstein puts an acoustic spin on his favorite episode to create the playful track. His voice takes on an ethereal nature that complements the simplicity of the song. The video, directed by Jim Warren, embraces the boundless creativity in the world of animation and provides an intimate glimpse into an individual’s innermost daydreams.

Goldstein conceived, birthed and allowed this album to mature during a time of pure isolation. Within the cycle of nature, everything is set to blossom, if given the right amount of time and patience. In this case, Bonus Flowers bloomed right before our eyes.

Listen to “Thanks for the Crabapples” below.

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