Posted on August 12th, 2020

[as seen on Consequence of Sound]

Five years after calling it quits, the members of Boston rock outfit Krill decided to reconvene — but this time under a different name. Enter Knot, a group that pairs original Krill members Jonah Furman, Aaron Ratoff, and Ian Becker with additional guitarist Joe DeManuelle-Hall. Together, the freshly formed band is kicking off its new chapter with a self-titled debut album due for release on August 28th.

While much of the personnel remains the same, the focus of these musicians has changed rather substantially. As Furman put it, “These songs are vaguely about deciding whether or not to have kids, whereas Krill songs were vaguely about deciding what to do with your life.”

Indeed, Knot’s members have aged a bit and #adulting is more the norm than a novel lifestyle. Fans heard this sharpened worldview on early singles like “The World” and “Foam”. Today’s offering, “Horse Trotting, The Feet Not Touching the Ground”, follows suit. On it, Furman talks about growing older and wiser — at least enough to not “be fooled by such childish things” like a fake figurine horse. Ahh, but isn’t ignorance bliss?

Musically, Knot have also expanded on Krill’s sound. In addition to the usual lo-fi and whimsical indie rock we’ve come to love (think Pavement and Built to Spill), the four-piece fold in new layers of stuttering and shifty math-rock.

Stream “Horse Trotting” below, followed by the band’s Origins of the track.

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