Artists // Mister Goblin

Mister Goblin is the solo moniker of Sam Woodring, former singer/guitarist of Wheaton, MD’s Two Inch Astronaut. Titled in honor of a nickname given to him by a former student, the new project is liberated from the ‘rock’ confines of his old band. The EP finds him experimenting with various synths, acoustic soundscapes, and different kinds of percussion, (including but not limited to what could be termed ‘trap drums’) and also includes material that feels more like a logical extension of his old band. Lyrically as well, the album is less concerned with tradition, and songs about everything from vampirism to skee-ball can be found on the album. More than anything else, Final Boy is the sound of a slyly melodic songwriter rediscovering that music permits you to do whatever the fuck you want, and the joy and reinvigoration that come from that are palpable throughout.

Produced by Michael John Thomas III (Ovlov, Grass is Green) and featuring vocal contributions from Jordyn Blakely, (Stove, Sharkmuffin) the album is a darkly playful foray into new musical textures, with a sharpened perspective and refined songwriting.