Posted on December 8th, 2020

[as seen on FLOOD]

I’m not really sure who we have to thank for the 2020 butt rock revival (Phoebe? Lucy?), but it looks like 2021 will see the natural development of a resuscitated genre with the experimentation of Editrix, the latest signees to Exploding in Sound Records. The self-proclaimed “avant butt-rock” ensemble have readied their first collection of songs due out February 5 called Tell Me I’m Bad, and the first single mashes the grungy throughline of their new label home with the machismo of radio-ready rock.

Lyrically, though, “Chelsea” is worlds apart from the look-at-this-photograph simplicity of such bands. “‘Chelsea’ is an exploration of the idea of ‘voting with your wallet,’ and how it’s fundamentally erroneous/impossible,” the group shares. “We’ve all heard the phrase ‘no ethical consumption under capitalism,’ and it’s kind of about that—the subject of the song, who is not a real person (‘Chelsea’ just is a name that sounds good to sing), is kind of like the liberals that are acting kind of in good faith while they block more ethical, harder-line leftist projects that could actually improve the world.”

Relevant! Hear the track below, and pre-order the record on EIS’s site.

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