Posted on August 5th, 2020

[as seen on GoldFlakePaint]

Dig Nitty’s debut album was supposed to be out in the world already, with the original summer date already having come and gone in this strange new calendar we’re currently navigating. Its release will now be cheered into the world on September 18th, and today the band are preempting the arrival with the sharing of another new song from it, in the form of the gritty n’ pretty ‘Palm Springs‘ which we’re very happy to share here today.

Where the album’s first cut ~ Lomita ~ offered something eminently upbeat and breezy, the new track offers something altogether more puzzling, the gentle wobble of guitar, the skittish percussion, casting an eery glow over Erin McGrath’s subtle voice. though it only lasts for a fleeting two-and-a-half minutes, ‘Palm Springs’ grows into the kind world you long to know more about, that quietly pleads to be stepped into and explored in more detail. that we don’t get that chance only adds to the allurement of what is a fascinating leap forward from the Brooklyn quartet.

Dig Nitty’s debut album, Reverse of Mastery, was recorded together with Pile’s Alex Molini, and arrives via the sturdy arms of the Exploding in Sound label. You can pre-order the new album here and check out the brilliant ‘Palm Springs‘ below right now.

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