Posted on August 26th, 2020

[as seen on Aquarium Drunkard]

On their debut album, New York’s Dig Nitty drift between daydreamy indie-pop and fuzzy blasts of guitar like the sun emerging from clouds. They fit right in on the roster of Exploding In Sound, a label that remains on the underground rock pulse with excellent genre-bending releases in the last few years from groups like Water From Your Eyes, Ovlov, and Pile (whose bassist Alex Molini also shares a recording credit here).

As Dig Nitty’s story goes, many of the songs from Reverse of Mastery were written while singer/guitarist Erin McGrath worked in solitude as a national park ranger, clearing her mind while watching birds and allowing melodies to appear. She met singer/drummer Reggie Bender when both of them worked in the much more hectic setting of Brooklyn’s former DIY venue Shea Stadium. Their two voices intertwine on album opener “Small Curd,” unfurling like a nursery rhyme or schoolyard skipping rope chant sung in the round. With a softness that recalls the late, great Grass Widow or Moe Tucker’s lead vocals with the VU, the song surfs to a close on a crashing wave of riffs that reveal an ocean of emotion.

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