Posted on August 15th, 2019

[as seen on Consequence of Sound]

By its very nature, anxiety tends to force us to push others away. The unfortunate dichotomy of that is at the same time, we often wish for the comfort of others. It’s an impossible balance — knowing you have to keep those close to you at bay but needing them to stay close so when you finally fall, it can be into their arms. Those who’ve never experienced such crippling emotional states might not understand, which is why Bethlehem Steel try to explain it on their new single “Empty Room”.

Coming from the band’s forthcoming self-titled sophomore album, “Empty Room” was written by Bethlehem Steel’s newest member, Christina Puerto. She describes the song as her way of asking “for patience from those I’m close to while I figured some things out.” She tells Consequence of Sound,

“As I was writing the lyrics — which are kinda bleak — I kept being drawn to really optimistic-sounding melodies, which I eventually just gave into. It ended up being a good thing for me because writing has a way of forcing me into some pretty intense self-reflection… which is a good and necessary thing… but the way this song came out musically made things easier for me to process.”

Indeed, as torn and anxious as the instrumentation sounds, they don’t give the impression of defeat. Instead, they push forward on the back of pacing drums. It’s as if they’re full with the knowledge that although right now may be rough, there is an end to be reached… even if “it’s gonna be awhile.”

Listen to “Empty Room” below.

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