Artists // Philary

Philary’s full length debut, I Complain, began out of the motivation to continuously create, a desire encouraged by the hustle of Brooklyn, its artistic community, and beyond. For Alex Molini (Pile, Stove, Jackal Onasis), making music is mental sustainability, whether he's playing bass, guitar, keys, or sitting in the engineer seat. He's made a large impact over the years, both behind the scenes and as one of the DIY community's great utility musicians. Following an exercise in sad, slow, but thoughtful songwriting on his debut EP, Philary's full length debut is pretty much its polar opposite, a raw and brutal eruption of heavy fuzz and alternative metal carnage.

Self recorded in his home studio (with drums recorded at Mike Thomas III's Black Lodge in Brooklyn), Molini had a vision to create a pop album comprised of songs both as heavy and short as can be. Still packed with hooks (this is pop after all) and memorable riffs, there's not a clean guitar in sight, a true accomplishment that happened on accident, but an accomplishment no less. The songs, almost entirely under the two minute mark, are sludgy and lumbering, but there's an undeniable sense of fun and lightness to Molini's songwriting, a balance in tone and personality.

Tackling a wide range of ideas in his lyrics among themes of anxiety and shifting relationships, Molini sings about everything from the legacy of his Grandmother ("Old Leg") to the strange feelings that come with being a "full-time" musician ("The Unclearness Is Very Clear"). Lead single "Smells Like Mean Spirit" is a song about expressing your needs and in turn isolating yourself further from those you were trying to relate to. It's the idea of looking for emotional support only to feel dumb for trying... because Molini feels dumb more often than most.