Artists // Pet Fox

The members of Pet Fox are driven as much by restless creativity and mutual admiration as they are the pursuit to write a perfect pop song. The Boston based trio comprised of Theo Hartlett (vocals, guitar), Morgan Luzzi (bass), and Jesse Weiss (drums) have all spent years playing in bands that include Ovlov, Palehound, and Grass Is Green among others, but Pet Fox is an outlet all their own. The band write songs together, drawing upon influences that range from The Beatles to Pinback, but their sound is still rooted in scrappy hooks and a DIY mentality that saw the band self-release two full length records in the span of a year, amid a busy schedule of shows (both as Pet Fox and with their other respective projects).

The band’s latest release, More Than Anything, is a three song EP and the band’s first for Exploding In Sound Records (Sour Widows, Floatie, Pile), a label they’ve all called home since its earliest days. Due out May 7th, the record is undeniably smooth, impeccably tight, and built on unique structures. Through an easy going energy, the band mix tangled rhythms, bursts of fuzz, and soaring distortion together while retaining a pop sensibility.

The songs on More Than Anything came together quickly, with the band setting out to write and record them in quick succession. Their compacted timeframe meant the lyrics too were delivered without overthinking, creating an opportunity to “gauge exactly how I was feeling when the instrumentals first came together” says Hartlett. Like their previous releases, the band engineered the EP together in their practice space (something that Weiss has become rather adept at) and they capture their live sound with a great sonic clarity. The rhythmic backbone of the band is always in focus, even as guitar solos burst over the mix. This is, after all, a band where drummers are the majority. Pet Fox give space to every element of their sound, with a pinpoint precision that makes every moment count.

More Than Anything is about forward momentum at its core, a reminder to avoid dwelling on the past or future, and to live in the moment. Pet Fox delve into themes of insecurity and anxiety with the notion that everything will pass and we can’t change the things that are out of our control. Hartlett offers his own sense of awareness, one that feels the things we all feel, but recognizes that life moves on, regardless if we know what we want from it or where it may lead.

More Than Anything is out May 7th via Exploding In Sound Records. The band’s third full length is due to follow in early 2022.