Artists // Nyxy Nyx

Two of America's finest and least known songwriters team up for a spooky split just in time for the Halloween season. Brian Reichert, aka Nyxy Nyx has been the man behind the curtain of the Philly Sound for at least fifteen years and his music has influenced countless bands including Alex G, Brandon Can't Dance, Gunk, Sun Organ and a whole generation of seriously legit underground Philadelphia musicians and artists you probably never heard about.

Bad History Month, aka Sean Sprecher hails from Boston but has longtime Philly roots, having recorded many times at the now resting-in-peace Sex Dungeon Studios (Pile, Speedy Ortiz) following the still-reverberating cosmic explosion of Fat History Month's album Fucking Despair in 2011. Over the years Bad History Month has made a name as one of the underground's most profound songwriters, earning acclaim from NPR Music, Pitchfork, and Stereogum in the process.

Emerging from the dust of the pandemic, these two potent writers are finally connected after many years of moving in the same circles but passing in the night. This release also serves as the introduction to a powerful guild of wizards which has come together in Philadelphia in the guise of the Nyxy Nyx live band, including current and former members of  Sun Organ, Gunk, Ugh God, Bad History Month, Sand Castle, Br'er, Luna Honey, Queen Jesus, Kite Party, Spirit of The Beehive, Arthur Dust From 1000 Years and others. Collaboration is King. Expect more splits from this crew.

Death Takes A Holiday can serve as a gateway drug to two brilliant discographies that have been built slowly over years of deep dedication to the art of the song. Dig deeper and you'll find treasure everywhere.