Artists // Water From Your Eyes

For the past three years Brooklyn’s Water From Your Eyes have been evolving and experimenting with their sound. With Somebody Else’s Song, the band feel that they have found their place. Due out October 25th via Exploding In Sound Records, their latest album is an amalgamation of their past releases, honing in previously explored aesthetics but combining and rearranging ideas to capture feelings of self-reflection and personal growth. At their core, the duo of Nate Amos and Rachel Brown make experimental pop music, songs you can dance to, songs that will stick in your head long after you’ve heard them. The sound of Water From Your Eyes is far more expansive however, and Somebody Else’s Song is blissfully unclassifiable.

The lines of genre, textures, and repetition have blurred beyond recognition. The landscape flickers between haunting ambiance and noisy immersion, electronic and acoustic elements expressing emotional and mental states that are ever changing. Somebody Else’s Song is their first true “New York album” since the band’s relocation from Chicago, and much of the weight comes from the personal change inherent from living in a new place as life continues to whir around us. While previous releases were written in short and concise thematic outbursts, the duo took their time with Somebody Else’s Song, the ideas coming into formation over the course of two years. That patience is apparent as the album unfolds, each song bringing new context to that one before it, a balance between vulnerability and enormous shapeshifting rhythms. It’s a record built on sensitive emotions and fragile new beginnings, but it remains ever dancing, forever immaculately composed in their lush sonic atmospherics.

Ever since the release of their self-titled effort in 2016, they’ve pushed the envelope as structures continued to warp and shift across releases for Sooper Records and EIS. Brown and Amos, joined by live guitarist Mike Kolb, have become staples of Brooklyn’s DIY scene, a band known for their energetic performances and expansive forms. As a true stand-out, Water From Your Eyes are always adapting and manipulating their inescapable grooves with a genuine sense of wonder and curiosity. Their blueprint of explosive pop, woozy prog, krautrock, post-punk, and twee, is utterly unique and infinitely interesting, as unpredictable as it is instantly infectious.